Marketing Coolness – NanoWorld

Once in a while, I will stumble across something that is unique, and memorable. Being in marketing, I have a finely tuned eye for clever messaging. Recently, my spidey sense went all tingly.

NanoSensors, part of the NanoWorld group, was exhibiting in our distributor’s booth at the JASIS conference in Japan. They had some cool swag, nifty pens, and the like. However, as my hair had become long and unruly due to the fact that I was far too lazy to go to the barber before the trip, I angled to grab one of their baseball caps.

Made of high quality canvas with almost perfect stitching, it is a solid cap. No plastic, and the adjustable band is fabric, with a metal hasp. Again, top shelf.

Inside the cap is where the surprise is. Where there is usually a label that states the country of origin, material content (cotton, or man made), and possible care instructions, there is something unique. The label states:

We also sell AFM probes

Simple, understated, and effective – the tagline grabs the attention and mindshare without being obnoxious.

Brilliant marketing, hat’s off to NanoWorld!