Getting there – Weight loss in progress

The diet is continuing well, and apart from two visitors this week, with a couple truly egregious cheater meals, I made some progress.

The statistics so far:

  • 3 weeks (started July 3)
  • down 11.6 #’s (that is a 4.54% loss)
  • Exercise is trending up – both walks at lunch during the week (2.4 ish miles), and cycling on weekends, is feeling better.

So far, I have adjusted to smaller portions, eating less, and feeling satisfied. I have worked on eating better, more fruits and vegetables, and less meats.

If you care, you can track me at Strava to see my workouts.

It isn’t as easy as it was before I turned 40, but the basics work. Exercise more, eat less, eat better balanced, drink less alcohol.

My goal?  To get to less than 200#’s. If I get there, I will build a new road bike.