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Travel Log


I have had a very light travel schedule the last two years. Probably the least I have traveled in 15 years (before I started in product management). But that lull has ended. Some thoughts from the road: TSA PreCheck – Over a year ago, I went through the rigmarole to get my Global Entry card/status. One of the fringe benefits is being added to the “Trusted Traveler” list. Thus I...

Leaving Arizona – Some more good stuff


While Arizona has many flaws, there are some wonderful things that are worth bragging about. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Truly a wonderful place to get a good snapshot of the ecology of the desert. Well run, fabulous docents, and a great place to get a feel for the diversity of the desert. We were members every year, and we were certain to take all our visitors to the ASDM. The Pima Air and...

Selling your house sucks


There are many reasons to hate the process of selling. The last time I had to relocate, we moved up front, and left an empty house. Get it cleaned, and let the agents have free reign. This time, we have to sell before we move. This is much harder to accomplish. #1 Select a realtor There are literally thousands of realtors in any major metropolitan area. We are fortunate that we had to choose one...

How Pop-Culture Ruined Me


I am reading a great book by Daniel Boorstin, called “The Seekers”. It is a book about the different philosophers throughout recorded history, and how they influenced civilizations, arose as the religions, and in general seeking the meaning of life. The section I am reading now is about the Greek philosophers, particularly about Socrates. Great stuff, and I highly recommend the gook...

Leaving Arizona – Part II – the politics


I moved to Arizona in 2003 to take a job. Landing in Tucson, solidly in the southern part of the state, I grew to love the area. Fabulous weather (albeit blazingly hot in the summer), quirky neighborhoods, and outstanding outdoor activities like hiking, and biking. I lived in Tucson for almost 10 years, and while I enjoyed it, there are problems with the area. Civic planning is at best an...

Little Secret – I don’t like onions


This little fact is something that has hounded me my entire life. From a very early age I just hated eating onions. They were soggy, gross, and made me gag, so I would spend an eternity to pick them out of my meals as a child. This is odd, as for a good chunk of my adult life, I was a professional chef/cook. Italian, Mexican, Seafood, bistro food, catering, large banquet cooking, I did it all...

Leaving Arizona – Part I, the good stuff


We moved to Arizona in 2003 for a job. We spent nearly 10 years in Tucson, then in 2012 moved to Chandler for another job. In general I liked Arizona, and will miss much of what the state offers. This post is what I will miss. Some of it greatly, some of it less so, but I am headed back to a place that has equal yet different charm. The Weather While my wife will grumble about the brutal summers...

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