Finally a Friday

I don’t usually celebrate the coming of a Friday like many people do, but it has been an outrageously busy week, so I am thankful that it is a Friday.

I have wrangled with powerpoint, struggled to do deep competitive analysis, and put together training material next week. Couple that with a heavy load of meetings (strange, as I have been good at staying away from meaningless meetings) and I am fatigued.

Add to that learning that my left thumb has severe osteoarthritis, and it has been a bummer of a week.

Oh, and today is day 7 without coffee or caffeinated beverages.

Not sure how I am going to recharge this weekend. I will try to see if I can cycle tomorrow (my left foot has been painful), and I will do some more website migration (still trying to empty out my MediaTemple account). But I need to NOT check email this weekend. So I will leave my laptop at home, me thinks.

TGIF indeed.

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