Really? That’s your advice?

I have been battling with my HP work laptop for what seems like since the day I joined my company.

Lately, it has gone through a few system boards, and a handful of tech visits.

Nothing has been able to fix the latest issue.

If I hibernate the system and undock it, when I go to spin it back up, about 50% of the time I go straight to a bluescreen.

If I sleep the system, it goes into zombie mode (it never powers off, the HD spins and continues access, until the battery dies. Only way to recover is to force power off – 5 seconds holding the power button).

The latest advice? Update the bios (done), re-install the video drivers (done more than twice), and I might have too little disk space left (I have about 180G).

ARGH, throw this POS away already.

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