Glad and Sad

While I am not a religious watcher of The Daily Show, I do take in 2 or 3 episodes a week captured on the Tivo, and I have long enjoyed it. Jon Stewart does a phenomenal job of entertaining, while actually achieving some semblance of journalistic integrity (mixed in with a healthy dollop of humor, there are many insightful perspectives).

Jon had been out on a sabbatical to direct a film in Egypt and Jordan for most of the summer. Now, he’s back, so yay! Of course the first episode back was epic, and of all the major media outlets, Jon Stewart’s take on the Syria crisis makes the most sense.

But I am sad in a way. While Jon was on hiatus, John Oliver stepped in and did a brilliant job hosting the show. I always thought he was a good asset to the show, but his performance at the helm almost made me forget that Jon Stewart was ever there. Yes, he was that good. He deserves a show (beyond his stand up gig), but it is hard to see where he can fit with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central.

Hopefully, he finds a happy home and we can then have three outstanding comedian shows to watch.

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