A kudos to Courtyard

As a road warrior, I spend a lot of time on the road, sleeping in hotel rooms. I have learned to deal with loud ice machines, obnoxious families with kids tearing up and down the hallways at all hours, lumpy beds, and loud air conditioners. Doesn’t matter if it is a $90 La Quinta, or a $300 Hilton room, they all have warts.

Courtyard by MarriottUsually the one thing that grinds my gears is the  bed in the room. Usually it is either stiff as a board, or completely worn out. Regardless that leads to a poor night of sleep, and a lot of discomfort (that getting older makes much worse) due to bad posture in bed.

However, I have to congratulate the Marriott Courtyard in Campbell, CA. The bed is perfect in my room. Supportive, comfortable, and I have had two good nights’ sleep in a row, a real rarity!

I will stop complaining about the slow as molasses in January elevators in Courtyards if you can make sure that all the beds are this perfect.

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