Travel Foibles: Part 2 of (many) – in room amenities

I love the little boutique soaps, shampoos and other niceties that they lay out in most decent business hotels.

The Iron and Ironing board is also de riguer.  Needed for those with small carry on’s.

You know what I often don’t have, and could really use?  Toothpaste.  Those little .5 oz toothpaste tubes.  I forget toothpaste more than any other toiletry.  Yet, when I arrive in a city after 11:00PM, the last thing I want to do is realize that I need to get dressed and head out to a 24 hour Walmart or a Walgreens drug store for a travel size. 

Because you don’t want to buy a full size tube.  The TSA will just take that away from you, and the next week you are in the same boat again.

Yep, I could buy them by the dozen.  Yep, I could keep 3-4 in my travel plastic quart sized bag.  But I don’t.  


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