Computers and Precision machining to the rescue

This morning I got my second crown.  Both upper rear molars are now crowned.  

The first one I got ~ 20 years ago.  I ate a hard candy and the tooth completely crumbled.  Getting fitted for the crown was a bit arduous.  Two impressions (before and after grinding of the teeth), followed by three weeks of wearing a temporary crown awaiting the porcelain and stanless.  Then, it took some fine finishing to get it all to fit.

This one was much easier.  Numb the mouth, grind the tooth, do an impression, and send in the information.  2 weeks later (plus a few days since I was unable to get in last week) it is back, and it literally took 20 minutes to install.  It was a perfect fit, and no adjustments were required.

What is different?  Well, the fact that digital 3D imaging and modeling software, coupled with high precision mills, and the result is a much better fit, first time around.  

Do a search on “dental implant measurement” for a quick dive into the technology to make this all happen.  Way cool stuff.


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