Fucking skimming scammers

A week and a half ago, my Wife bought gas at a Quick Trip in Tucson. Apparently, some shitball skimmer had jacked the pump she used, and lifted her credit card information.

We came back from a short holiday in San Diego, checked out bank account, and found some sleazeball had used Western Union to wire $969 our of our checking account.

Fuck. Call the bank, put a hold on the charge (it went through), call western union, who professes ignorance, call the police and complain.

Apparently, this is the common MO. They lift the card info, they use western union, who lets people wire money with just a credit card number and expiration date. They send a value around $1000, and pocket the transfer.

So, we have barely $100 until payday (9 days away), unless we hit our savings.

God damn it.