Another day in Paradise

What a shock. Where I USED to live, it will be 106F today. Here (Santa Clara) it will be 79. The local people will bitch about it being HOT.

I have a lot of DMV stuff to do, alas, California is nowhere near as efficient as Arizona is/was. When I first relocated to AZ back in 2003, I walked into the local MVD office in Tucson at about 11:00AM, took a number, and before I could sit down, I was called. I re-registered my car, got my driver’s license, transferred the title on my motorcycles, and was out of there in less than 20 minutes, plates and driver’s license in hand.

Not likely to be replicated in California. Hoops up the wazoo, probably 3 trips (hopefully with appointments) and a lot of money out of pocket. Sigh.


Both states have their share of asshole drivers. But they are different in their bad practices. I need to recalibrate to account for the beemer drivers who seem to like to pass on the margins here. Without signals. Far over the posted speed limit.

Life is good. If only we could sell out damn house in Chandler…

Oh, come on now… (hot and humid edition)

I don’t mind the heat here in Phoenix. Yep it is hot, often getting well above 110F, and the sun is punishing when it does. It doesn’t stop me from exercising, but I do adapt, and adjust my routine to remain safe.

But what is killing me is the humidity that has settled in. It has been as high as 60% RH. Couple that with 105F, and it is brutal. None of the usual “It’s a dry heat” cuts it. It is hot, humid and miserable out there.

Alas, the humidity comes up in the summer here as the monsoon patterns develop over southern Arizona. But, when I lived in Tucson, that meant pretty consistent rains, which contrary to popular belief, pulls the moisture out of the air, and makes for it being rather pleasant.

Here in Chandler, we get the humidity and cloud build up, but not so much rain. So the humidity just hangs in the air, making us miserable, and not actively cooling us down at all.