Want to Get Into RC Cars?


The holidays are coming, and an RC Car makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Some tips on what to look for, and how to navigate that first decision. Part 1 of a series.

Bicycle Dreams


Lately, I have been back in the saddle again. Riding, at least on weekends, it gets my heart rate up, and I enjoy putting the miles on. But, I begin to get ideas. Could I ride to work? What would make that more pleasant? This bike is old, I need something new. Yeah, that is pretty much the discussion I have with myself. My roadbike, reviewed here (my most read blog post by far) is getting old. A...

Down with the Sickness


A few weeks ago, I regaled you with my quest for a replacement to the venerable Oregon Scientific indoor/outdoor temperature monitor. It had become somewhat unreliable (the radio exterior sensor would lose contact many times a day with the base station), and the replacement with a La Crosse unit that so far seems vastly superior in its reliability (of course, it has been less than a month...

Back in the Saddle


The downside of working full time again is the dearth of time to exercise. Little over a year ago, spending some down time between jobs, I was able to get out for lengthy exercise sessions every day. That included typically 3 bicycle rides a week, often up to 30 miles at a through. Alas, that freedom to get out and pound the pavement was severely curtailed with a regular job. I still did get out...

Crap, time for another Raspberry Pi


It seems like yesterday that I just got my Raspberry Pi II, and now there is a 3rd generation that is out there. Dag nabbit, I guess I will have to get with the program.
And, also, get back on my project of creating a remote weather station, and a camera to mount to my house to capture an analemma. Sigh, the future is bright.


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