Bad Bicycling Luck

Last weekend, my feet hurt (long story, but running down the stairs at 1:00AM because your dog is having a seizure can cause your plantar fasciitis to flare up. Who knew) so instead of a grueling mountain bike ride, I took a nice easy loop around Marshall-Cottle park.

Bad idea.

My tires were like pin-cushins. So many goat-head thorns were picked up that I was stuck with two flat tires. Poopies.

I counted at least 8 in my front tire, and 3 in my rear (I guess the front tire cleared the path so my rear didn’t get hammered.

Today I replaced both tubes, and put in Mr. Tuffy strips (something I should have done before the first ride), and I expect to not be bothered by this again.

I should be thankful that 6 weekends of riding without any protection were blissfully trouble free. But I was cursing the shrubs that drop those bastards the entire walk home…

Boo: flat tire

I have had late calls all week, which has prevented me from cycling in to the office. I have been jonesing to ride in during the week ( a good stress reliever after a long day, even if it is 105F).

This morning, I headed out to the garage after walking the dogs, and bam, flat tire. Sigh.

Since it has probably 2800 miles on it, I shouldn’t be disappointed that it finally got too thin to prevent thorns and other debris to penetrate and hole the tube, but it is time to replace the tires.

So, I had to drive in, and at lunch I will trek on over to Performance Bicycles, and buy a pair of tires. I guess my ride(s) will have to wait for the weekend.