Quickie – Difference between AZ and CA

I have had off and on problems with my feet for years, plantar fasciitis, inflamation of joints etc.


In Arizona, when this flared up last in Phoenix area, I was able to schedule an appointment with a new podiatrist the same day.

Here in California, the wait is 4-6 weeks. They have a cancellation next Tuesday they can squeeze me in.

Yo, I can’t walk NOW, what do you think I can do for a frigging week?

I guess it will be off to urgent care.

For the record: Last time, this required a surgical shoe to prevent flexing, and some stronger anti inflammatory drugs than Ibuprofen or Naproxen Sodium, and a couple days’ rest.

Injuries – Foot edition

I have battled the scourge that is Plantar Fasciitis for a few year now. First cropping up in early 2010, it is a painful condition that really needs lots of rest and strengthening exercises. Returning to physical activity too soon is a sure way to make it far worse, and last longer.

What I have now is not it recurring though. This appears to be a sprain in the tendon on the top of the foot (instead of the plantar ligament), and affects only the ligament on the large toe. Ouchies. I have had this for a couple of weeks, and it seemed to fade pretty quickly (i.e. heal), but it came back with a vengeance on Saturday after a 26 mile bike ride. I guess the stress of pedaling on the upper ligaments of my foot are aggravating it.

Sigh, rest, stretching, and vitamin I (ibuprofen) to see if I can get it to heal without a trip to the podiatrist. If that doesn’t work, I am sure it will be another series of prednesone will be in store.

Getting old sucks. If your feet hurt, you are miserable. And foolishly exercising when you are injured is stupid.