What’s the Point: Sees Candy Nutritional Information

A little splurge, a pound of Sees candy, some good noms. While I am eating some delightful milk chocolate covered toffee, I noticed that there is a little pamphlet. Thinking it might be a guide to the luscious treats that are enrobed in divine milk chocolate, I was disappointed.

It is a pamphlet of the nutritional values. Things like calories, fat (saturated and non-saturated) and even the ingredients.

For fuck’s sake, while I do care about my health, and I do read about ingredients and nutrition on my food, when I decide to treat myself to some exquisite chocolate, basking in the glory that is Sees, I just don’t give a damn.

I eat a piece, savor it, enjoy it, and move on. I don’t even put it in my diet tracker, as I prefer to hide that guilty pleasure.

Some things just don’t need to be tracked…

NB: I poked around their web site, and don’t see the nutritional information. Good for them.