Must be Monday – 2 bluescreens by 8:00 AM

Sigh. This is getting tiresome. I have not had such issues with computer crashes since I first went to Windows Vista in 2007. 

I come in this morning and pop my computer on the docking station. It was sleeping happily, then I pressed the power button to “wake it up”. I get the familiar password screen, then BAM – blue screen.


Wait for it to finish the memory dump. Hmmm, IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_0, and a search of the internet tells me not much.

Power it off and on again. It gets about 1/3 the way through booting, and BAM, another blue screen.


Third time is a charm. It is up, and I only took an hour to get to a ready state of working.

Last week, the service people replaced my screen, several cables, and the logic board. Now I am getting lots of bluescreens. And my left side USB ports are dead. While they supply power, they do not recognize any devices attached.

I hate this PC.

Now to recover all the in progress documents.