Writer’s Block – groan

In my job, I often must write long, boring, detailed technical specifications for products under development.  A full set of requirements includes the up front market justification that is needed to “sell” the proposal, an accounting of the types of customers who will buy (buyer personas, user personas) and the actual requirements in excruciating detail.

It is not hard, once I get started, but getting started is like staring at a blank page. When I am running, cycling or hiking I often have inspiration, but I never seem to remember that when it is time to put the proverbial pen to paper.

Today, I have blank page syndrome. Fortunately with the holiday next week, it is remarkably quiet in the office, and will be all next week as well, so I will be able to avoid distractions, but getting in the groove is hard.

I might need to slip into a heavy metal playlist, and just zone out to get the juices flowing.