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Review: Doc Martin


Doc Martin Netflix had been offering me as a “recommended” show to watch a series called “Doc Martin”. I had successfully ignored it for months, when one evening, as I was scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling) looking for anything decent, I saw it roll up again. What the hell, I fired it up, expecting it to be like many of their recommendations. However, it quickly sucked me in with the story...

The downside of Public Transportation


I am lucky. I get to ride public transport to the office. Heck, there is a tax break, so my employer even gives me a pass to ride for free. About a mile from my house to the train station, so I even get a little exercise. What’s not to love about it? Well, I will tell you. I seem to share the air in the train with anywhere from 2 to 40 of my peers within the human race. That means that at...

Free at last


In October 2013, I woke up one day to the news that my hosting provider, MediaTemple, had been bought by GoDaddy. That set off a furious search to find a new home for my web properties. I moved all my hosting away within a few days, but I only moved my domains away after they expired. Except for two, I just kept getting lazy when the renewal time happened, and at $15 per year (versus $8.92 with...

Music Appreciation: The Nice


Before Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Keith Emerson was a member of a British band, The Nice. Having started my Progressive Rock trip in the late 1970’s and really by the fascination of the ELP song Karn Evil #9, 1st Impression, Part 2, that got a lot of airplay. If you click the link, I suspect that you will recognize the song. After this initial introduction to the rabbit hole of Prog Rock, I chased...

Grinds my Gears – Maths


I was going to write something about politics, but the bizarre keeps happening, and is totally dispiriting. So I will talk about something entirely different. As I am currently working in a role related to education, one of my tasks is to figure out what is out there. You know, competitive investigation. The other day I was poking around the MOOC’s, and their offerings related to my research, and...

Bad commute days


Being somewhat ecologically conscious, I take pride in riding the train to work. Stress free commuting, predictable schedules, and for the most part a hassle free experience. Bonus is that my employer sponsors a transit pass for my, a tax break for them. Most of the time it is fine. Sometimes, there are annoyances, like the passengers who reek (either poor personal hygiene, or (far worse) those...


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