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Observations of a brief period of Bachelor-hood


My wife is away dealing with some family issues, so I have been home alone for almost 2 weeks (and will probably be home alone for another week and a half.) I don’t mind doing household chores. I lived alone or with roommates long enough to not quibble about dishes or laundry. But, being in a house alone (with two dogs) is a lifestyle change. Fact: Men use less toilet paper than women. So...

Back in the Saddle – New Shoes too!


Today I got back out cycling. First time since the Christmas shutdown. I had three weeks of travel, and then came back with a gnarly chest cold. that kept me down for more than two weeks. I know, I know, lots of excuses. Today, I felt pretty good. Not much expectoration, and I have not needed any cold medicine for two days. I also took the opportunity to mount the cleats on my new shoes. Back in...

Bad TV – Columbo


To be fair, this isn’t really bad TV. I love Netflix streaming. It is a great way to while away the hours. I have enjoyed many classic TV series, from Rockford Files, Hawaii 50, and the early Twilight Zones. I get great enjoyment watching these. I watched all the original Hawaii 50 episodes. I think it was the 8th season when they finally showed it raining in Hawaii (but, ironically, every...

Ewww – The gross things I stumble across


Walking or cycling I come across a lot of things on the side of the road that gross me out. Of course, there are different levels of gross-ness, but some are worse than others. The grand prize of gross is the used condom on the sidewalk. This morning, walking my dog, I found one of these. Yuck. I guess I should be happy that young people who park in our neighborhood for a quick snog are using...

Out of State Drivers (Californians in Arizona)


Living in Arizona we are exposed to plenty of home grown insanity on the roads. I have come to expect that people will often do dumb, dangerous maneuvers at will. Speeding excessively, unsafe left turns (often to deliver their spawn to school), and even some running of red lights that are more than just blushing. But in the last few days, I have seen some of the worst driving by people with out...

Movie Review: Rush


I rarely watch movies on airplanes, but on my last trip, I noticed the person seated next to me wathing a Racing movie. It piqued my interest, so I dove into the inflight entertainment. The movie was called “Rush” and it was about a rivalry between auto racers in the 1970’s. I had heard about this tangentially and thought I would enjoy it. But it would be a “Netflix”...


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