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Our furkids: Tate Edition


Our family is complete with two furkids.  We have adopted retired racing greyhounds, and made them completely spoiled. Greyhounds are some of the sweetest, laziest, dogs you will ever know.  Both of ours are couch potatoes, and are often ridiculed for being the slowest walkers. We don’t mind. However, there are some downsides to the Greyhounds. Their upbringing and time on the track is...

Sleep deprivation – a$$hole neighbor part deux


I posted this AM about our neighbors’ new nasty habit of having loud parties on Tuesday nights. This is most annoying for a variety of reasons, but the main negative is that I get to lose three hours of sleep.
This leads to a domino effect of me being logy and off my game all day.  I hate this.  Tonight, I will fall asleep early, and hopefully will not be disturbed.

How sad is that: 100F is “comfortable”


I am fully acclimatized to the Phoenix (and Arizona in general) weather. Yesterday, I thought nothing about pulling on shorts and going for a 4 mile run at lunch time (95F when I left). Additionally, yesterday, it was 100F at the high. The lowest temperature this June (from my memory), and it felt very comfortable. Of course today it will be 108, tomorrow 113, and Friday 117 or more. Yes, I am...

Neighbors who aren’t neighborly


(Warning: I am going to use some harsh language below) We live in a nice subdivision in Chandler, in SE Phoenix. It is a clean, well kept, and in general a very friendly neighborhood. But there always seems to be someone who has to stand out as a twat-waffle. Our neighbors to the north are one such “family”*. They have a Son who just graduated high school, and he was a baseball player...

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